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Common log-in problems

Incorrect user name or password

By far the most common problem may seem rather obvious but we’ve had many customer support requests from users who simply typed in the password incorrectly. Remember that passwords (unlike user names) are case sensitive so that:


...is a different password to:


If you are entering the password from a welcome e-mail you can’t make a mistake if you copy and paste the user name/password rather than enter it manually.

Caps Lock is switched on

You should notice this when you enter the user name. If everything is in capital letters it means that the Caps Lock key on your keyboard has been pressed. If this is the case, press the Caps Lock key once again to switch it off.

You’ve entered the wrong details several times and locked yourself out

Sometimes hackers will enter lots of different passwords to try to guess yours and break into your account. To help prevent that there is a limit to the number of incorrect passwords you can enter.

If you enter the wrong password ten times within ten minutes you will be “locked out” for 20 minutes. You’ll also see this message:

Your account has been locked out for 20 minutes because you have entered the wrong password too many times.
Please wait 20 minutes and try again.

If all else fails

Click here to automatically and instantly send yourself a new username and password. This will definitely work and eliminates all causes of login errors.