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Session 9: Forms and Macros (Excel 2013)

Lesson 9-1: Add group box and option button controls to a worksheet form 16m 38s
Lesson 9-2: Add a combo box control to a worksheet form 4m 19s
Lesson 9-3: Set form control cell links 8m 23s
Lesson 9-4: Connect result cells to a form 6m 32s
Lesson 9-5: Add a check box control to a worksheet form 3m 44s
Lesson 9-6: Use check box data in result cells 9m 45s
Lesson 9-7: Add a temperature gauge chart to a form 12m 27s
Lesson 9-8: Add a single input data table to a form 7m 46s
Lesson 9-9: Improve form appearance and usability 29m 51s
Lesson 9-10: Understand macros and VBA 7m 19s
Lesson 9-11: Record a macro with absolute references 9m 58s
Lesson 9-12: Understand macro security 5m 16s
Lesson 9-13: Implement macro security 10m 53s
Lesson 9-14: Understand Trusted Documents 6m 24s
Lesson 9-15: Record a macro with relative references 7m 0s
Lesson 9-16: Use shapes to run macros 9m 21s
Lesson 9-17: Run a macro from a button control 10m 45s
Lesson 9-18: Show and hide Ribbon tabs 4m 31s
Lesson 9-19: Add custom groups to standard Ribbon tabs 9m 24s
Lesson 9-20: Create a custom Ribbon tab 10m 27s

Session 9 Exercise
Session 9 Exercise Answers
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