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Session 8: The Internet, Objects and Workgroups (Excel 2013)

Lesson 8-1: Publish a worksheet as a single web page 8m 6s
Lesson 8-2: Publish multiple worksheets as a web site 5m 36s
Lesson 8-3: Hyperlink to worksheets and ranges 6m 36s
Lesson 8-4: Hyperlink to other workbooks and the Internet 6m 57s
Lesson 8-5: Hyperlink to an e-mail address and enhance the browsing experience 4m 39s
Lesson 8-6: Execute a web query 6m 16s
Lesson 8-7: Embed an Excel worksheet object into a Word document 5m 2s
Lesson 8-8: Embed an Excel chart object into a Word document 5m 11s
Lesson 8-9: Link an Excel worksheet to a Word document 7m 31s
Lesson 8-10: Understand the three different ways to share a document 5m 54s
Lesson 8-11: Share a workbook using the lock method 5m 1s
Lesson 8-12: Share a workbook using the merge method 9m 37s
Lesson 8-13: Share a workbook on a network 8m 13s
Lesson 8-14: Accept and reject changes to shared workbooks 6m 33s

Session 8 Exercise
Session 8 Exercise Answers
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