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Learn Excel 2013 Expert Skills With The Smart Method

Session 7: What If Analysis and Security (Excel 2013)

Lesson 7-1: Create a single-input data table 10m 41s
Lesson 7-2: Create a two-input data table 6m 56s
Lesson 7-3: Define scenarios 7m 12s
Lesson 7-4: Create a scenario summary report 2m 52s
Lesson 7-5: Use Goal Seek 4m 17s
Lesson 7-6: Use Solver 8m 16s
Lesson 7-7: Hide and unhide worksheets, columns and rows 10m 41s
Lesson 7-8: Create custom views 5m 51s
Lesson 7-9: Prevent unauthorized users from opening or modifying workbooks 5m 32s
Lesson 7-10: Control the changes users can make to workbooks 4m 41s
Lesson 7-11: Restrict the cells users are allowed to change 8m 41s
Lesson 7-12: Allow different levels of access to a worksheet with multiple passwords 6m 54s
Lesson 7-13: Create a digital certificate 8m 59s
Lesson 7-14: Add an invisible digital signature to a workbook 5m 27s
Lesson 7-15: Add a visible digital signature to a workbook 4m 15s

Session 7 Exercise
Session 7 Exercise Answers
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