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Learn Excel 2013 Expert Skills With The Smart Method

Session 5: Pivot Tables (Excel 2013)

Lesson 5-1: Create a pivot table 11m 14s
Lesson 5-2: Create a grouped pivot table 6m 13s
Lesson 5-3: Understand pivot table rows and columns 4m 39s
Lesson 5-4: Use an external Pivot Table data source 6m 31s
Lesson 5-5: Refresh a Pivot Table and understand the Pivot Table data cache 7m 39s
Lesson 5-6: Apply a simple filter and sort to a pivot table 7m 23s
Lesson 5-7: Use report filter fields 4m 1s
Lesson 5-8: Filter a pivot table visually using slicers 9m 16s
Lesson 5-9: Add a timeline control to a Pivot Table 4m 21s
Lesson 5-10: Use slicers to create a custom timeline 9m 12s
Lesson 5-11: Use report filter fields to automatically create multiple pages 5m 26s
Lesson 5-12: Format a pivot table using PivotTable styles 5m 42s
Lesson 5-13: Create a custom Pivot Table style 5m 5s
Lesson 5-14: Understand pivot table report layouts 4m 6s
Lesson 5-15: Add and remove subtotals and apply formatting to pivot table fields 5m 49s
Lesson 5-16: Display multiple summations within a single pivot table 4m 21s
Lesson 5-17: Add a calculated field to a pivot table 7m 25s
Lesson 5-18: Add a calculated item to a pivot table 5m 41s
Lesson 5-19: Group by text 5m 23s
Lesson 5-20: Group by date 5m 11s
Lesson 5-21: Group by numeric value ranges 5m 18s
Lesson 5-22: Show row data by percentage of total rather than value 3m 55s
Lesson 5-23: Create a pivot chart from a pivot table 5m 35s
Lesson 5-24: Embed multiple pivot tables onto a worksheet 8m 47s
Lesson 5-25: Use slicers to filter multiple pivot tables 9m 54s

Session 5 Exercise
Session 5 Exercise Answers
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