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Session 4: Using Names and the Formula Auditing Tools (Excel 2013)

Lesson 4-1: Automatically create single-cell range names 5m 56s
Lesson 4-2: Manually create single cell range names and named constants 8m 13s
Lesson 4-3: Use range names to make formulas more readable 5m 37s
Lesson 4-4: Automatically create range names in two dimensions 6m 58s
Lesson 4-5: Use intersection range names and the INDIRECT function 8m 44s
Lesson 4-6: Create dynamic formula-based range names using the OFFSET function 13m 41s
Lesson 4-7: Create table-based dynamic range names 7m 38s
Lesson 4-8: Create two linked drop-down lists using range names 9m 30s
Lesson 4-9: Understand the NUM, DIV0 and NAME error values 5m 18s
Lesson 4-10: Understand the VALUE, REF and NULL error values 4m 15s
Lesson 4-11: Understand background error checking and error checking rules 6m 1s
Lesson 4-12: Manually check a worksheet for errors 6m 21s
Lesson 4-13: Audit a formula by tracing precedents 5m 26s
Lesson 4-14: Audit a formula by tracing dependents 3m 39s
Lesson 4-15: Use the watch window to monitor cell values 3m 56s
Lesson 4-16: Use Speak Cells to eliminate data entry errors 7m 52s

Session 4 Exercise
Session 4 Exercise Answers
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