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Learn Excel 2013 Expert Skills With The Smart Method

Session 3: Advanced Functions (Excel 2013)

Lesson 3-1: Understand Excel order of precedence rules and Excel Formula Evaluate 10m 56s
Lesson 3-2: Create an Excel SUM function using Formula AutoComplete 7m 28s
Lesson 3-3: Create an Excel PMT function using the Insert Function Dialog 9m 27s
Lesson 3-4: Use the Excel PV function and Excel FV function to value investments 6m 47s
Lesson 3-5: Use the IF logic function 8m 40s
Lesson 3-6: Create an Excel SUMIF function and Excel COUNTIF function 6m 50s
Lesson 3-7: Understand Excel date serial numbers and custom date formats 11m 10s
Lesson 3-8: Use the Excel YEAR function and other common date functions 6m 2s
Lesson 3-9: Use the Excel DATEDIF function and YEARFRAC function 8m 51s
Lesson 3-10: Excel project management using date offsets 8m 12s
Lesson 3-11: Use the Excel DATE function to offset days, months and years 4m 40s
Lesson 3-12: Enter time values and perform basic time calculations 8m 8s
Lesson 3-13: Perform time calculations that span midnight 5m 26s
Lesson 3-14: Understand common time functions and convert date serial numbers to decimal values 10m 2s
Lesson 3-15: Use the TIME function to offset hours, minutes and seconds 6m 16s
Lesson 3-16: Use the AND and OR functions to construct complex Boolean criteria 12m 27s
Lesson 3-17: Understand calculation options (manual and automatic) 11m 19s
Lesson 3-18: Concatenate strings using the concatenation operator 8m 21s
Lesson 3-19: Use the TEXT function to format numerical values as strings 11m 34s
Lesson 3-20: Extract text from fixed width strings using the LEFT, RIGHT and MID functions 6m 36s
Lesson 3-21: Extract text from delimited strings using the FIND and LEN functions 12m 17s
Lesson 3-22: Use a VLOOKUP function for an exact lookup 7m 36s
Lesson 3-23: Use an IFERROR function to suppress error messages 4m 37s
Lesson 3-24: Use a VLOOKUP function for an inexact lookup 5m 36s

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