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Learn Excel 2013 Expert Skills With The Smart Method

Session 2: Data Integrity, Subtotals and Validations (Excel 2013)

Lesson 2-1: Split fixed width data using Text to Columns 9m 11s
Lesson 2-2: Split delimited data using Text to Columns 4m 11s
Lesson 2-3: Automatically subtotal a range 9m 30s
Lesson 2-4: Create nested subtotals 4m 44s
Lesson 2-5: Consolidate data from multiple data ranges 5m 44s
Lesson 2-6: Use data consolidation to generate quick subtotals from tables 6m 35s
Lesson 2-7: Validate numerical data 7m 26s
Lesson 2-8: Create user-friendly messages for validation errors 6m 10s
Lesson 2-9: Create data entry input messages 3m 13s
Lesson 2-10: Add a formula-driven date validation and a text length validation 6m 33s
Lesson 2-11: Add a table-based dynamic list validation 5m 54s
Lesson 2-12: Use a formula-driven custom validation to enforce complex business rules 6m 10s
Lesson 2-13: Remove duplicate values from a table 3m 44s
Lesson 2-14: Use a custom validation to add a unique constraint to a column 6m 58s

Session 2 Exercise
Session 2 Exercise Answers
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