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Record an Excel macro with absolute references:

Lesson 9-11 from: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Skills (167 Video Lessons)
Record an Excel macro with absolute references
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Online Video Course: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Skills
Session: Session 9: Forms and Macros
Lesson: Lesson 9-11 Record an Excel macro with absolute references Excel macro with absolute references. Thumbnail from Excel 2013 Expert Skills Lesson 9-11 Record a macro with absolute references.

This video lesson shows how to record a macro with absolute references in Excel 2013. You'll see how to create a new macro, assign a name and description to the macro and assign a shortcut key to run the macro. You'll also learn about best practices when assigning shortcut keys. Next you'll see that macros can be stored in a New Workbook, This Workbook or the Personal Macro Workbook and learn what these mean and when they should be used. Finally, you'll see how to test the macro and confirm that it is working correctly.

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