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Create an Excel IF logical function:

Lesson 3-5 from: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Skills (167 Video Lessons)
Create an Excel IF logical function
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Online Video Course: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Skills
Session: Session 3: Advanced Functions
Lesson: Lesson 3-5 Create an Excel IF logical function Create an Excel IF function to evaluate a statement.  Thumbnail image from Lesson 3-5 of the the Excel 2013 Expert Skills course.

Excel IF function video tutorial showing correct use of the Logical_test argument to evaluate a statement using the value_if_true and value_if_false arguments. Provides a complete introduction to the use of an IF statement within Microsoft Excel formulas. This lesson shows an example of how to use the Excel IF function to calculate overtime pay. The lesson also covers how to eliminate divide-by-zero errors using the IF function and information about nesting an IF statement within IF functions.

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