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Learn Excel 2013 Essential Skills With The Smart Method

Session 5: Charts and Graphics (Excel 2013)

Session 5 Introduction 8m 53s
Lesson 5-1: Understand chart types, layouts and styles 4m 8s
Lesson 5-2: Create a simple chart with two clicks 6m 29s
Lesson 5-3: Move, re-size, copy and delete a chart 10m 21s
Lesson 5-4: Create a chart using the Recommended Charts feature 4m 50s
Lesson 5-5: Add and remove chart elements using Quick Layout 6m 8s
Lesson 5-6: Apply a pre-defined chart style and color set 4m 53s
Lesson 5-7: Manually format a chart element 6m 12s
Lesson 5-8: Format 3-D elements and add drop shadows 6m 2s
Lesson 5-9: Move, re-size, add, position and delete chart elements 6m 45s
Lesson 5-10: Apply a chart filter 3m 34s
Lesson 5-11: Change chart source data 5m 14s
Lesson 5-12: Assign non-contiguous source data to a chart 5m 11s
Lesson 5-13: Understand Data Series and Categories 4m 12s
Lesson 5-14: Change source data using the Select Data Source dialog tools 3m 59s
Lesson 5-15: Chart non-contiguous source data by hiding rows and columns 4m 2s
Lesson 5-16: Create a chart with numerical axes 3m 48s
Lesson 5-17: Deal with empty data points 2m 44s
Lesson 5-18: Add data labels to a chart 5m 49s
Lesson 5-19: Add data labels from a range 5m 44s
Lesson 5-20: Highlight specific data points with color and annotations 6m 49s
Lesson 5-21: Add gridlines and scale axes 5m 26s
Lesson 5-22: Emphasize data by manipulating pie charts 5m 23s
Lesson 5-23: Create a chart with two vertical axes 4m 57s
Lesson 5-24: Create a combination chart containing different chart types 5m 26s
Lesson 5-25: Add a trend line 5m 32s
Lesson 5-26: Add a gradient fill to a chart background 3m 48s
Lesson 5-27: Create your own chart templates 5m 6s

Session 5 Exercise
Session 5 Exercise Answers
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