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Learn Excel 2013 Essential Skills With The Smart Method

Session 2: Doing Useful Work with Excel (Excel 2013)

Session 2 Introduction 6m 49s
Lesson 2-1: Enter text and numbers into a worksheet 9m 27s
Lesson 2-2: Create a new workbook and view two workbooks at the same time 5m 38s
Lesson 2-3: Use AutoSum to quickly calculate totals 4m 21s
Lesson 2-4: Select a range of cells and understand Smart Tags 6m 24s
Lesson 2-5: Enter data into a range and copy data across a range 5m 45s
Lesson 2-6: Select adjacent and non-adjacent rows and columns 3m 34s
Lesson 2-7: Select non-contiguous cell ranges and view summary information 5m 23s
Lesson 2-8: AutoSelect a range of cells 5m 16s
Lesson 2-9: Re-size rows and columns 5m 21s
Lesson 2-10: Use AutoSum to sum a non-contiguous range 3m 53s
Lesson 2-11: Use AutoSum to quickly calculate averages 5m 35s
Lesson 2-12: Create your own formulas 7m 19s
Lesson 2-13: Create functions using Formula AutoComplete 6m 34s
Lesson 2-14: Use AutoFill for text and numeric series 5m 29s
Lesson 2-15: Use AutoFill to adjust formulas 7m 11s
Lesson 2-16: Use AutoFill options 5m 27s
Lesson 2-17: Speed up your AutoFills and create a custom fill series 6m 10s
Lesson 2-18: Use automatic Flash Fill to split delimited text 5m 54s
Lesson 2-19: Use manual Flash Fill to split text 6m 33s
Lesson 2-20: Use multiple example Flash Fill to concatenate text 6m 31s
Lesson 2-21: Use Flash Fill to solve common problems 5m 20s
Lesson 2-22: Use the zoom control 3m 12s
Lesson 2-23: Print out a worksheet 12m 7s

Session 2 Exercise
Session 2 Exercise Answers
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