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Basic Skills
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Learn Excel 2013 Essential Skills With The Smart Method

Session 1: Basic Skills (Excel 2013)

Session 1 Introduction 6m 36s
Lesson 1-1: Start Excel and open a new blank workbook 4m 16s
Lesson 1-2: Check whether your Excel version is up to date 3m 47s
Lesson 1-3: Change the Theme in Office 4m 29s
Lesson 1-4: Maximize, minimize, re-size, move and close the Excel window 2m 58s
Lesson 1-5: Download the sample files and open or navigate a workbook 9m 47s
Lesson 1-6: Save a workbook to a local file 4m 18s
Lesson 1-7: Understand common file formats 5m 22s
Lesson 1-8: Pin a workbook and understand file organization 6m 15s
Lesson 1-9: View, move, add, rename, delete and navigate worksheet tabs 5m 58s
Lesson 1-10: Use the Versions feature to recover an unsaved Draft file 8m 9s
Lesson 1-11: Use the Versions feature to recover an earlier version of a workbook 3m 35s
Lesson 1-12: Use the Ribbon 11m 59s
Lesson 1-13: Understand Ribbon components 9m 29s
Lesson 1-14: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and preview the printout 9m 44s
Lesson 1-15: Use the Mini Toolbar, Key Tips and keyboard shortcuts 7m 51s
Lesson 1-16: Understand views 3m 55s
Lesson 1-17: Hide and Show the Formula Bar and Ribbon 4m 42s
Lesson 1-18: Use the help system 7m 1s

Session 1 Exercise
Session 1 Exercise Answers
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