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Create Excel custom number formats:

Lesson 4-4 from: Microsoft Excel 2013 Essential Skills (147 Video Lessons)
Create Excel custom number formats
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Online Video Course: Microsoft Excel 2013 Essential Skills
Session: Session 4: Making Your Worksheets Look Professional
Lesson: Lesson 4-4 Create Excel custom number formats Excel custom format. Thumbnail from Excel 2013 Essential Skills Lesson 4-4 Create custom number formats.

This lesson shows how to Create custom number formats in Microsoft Excel. Custom formats are a complex subject but this lesson will de-mystify them with simple explanations. You'll learn how to add brackets around a negative number in an Excel worksheet by creating a custom format. You'll learn a special custom format that will make text or numbers in an Excel worksheet cell invisible. Complex custom format examples are demonstrated that can add comma separators and control the number of decimal places (or number of leading zeros) displayed in an Excel worksheet cell.

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