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Understand date serial numbers:

Lesson 4-2 from: Microsoft Excel 2013 Essential Skills (147 Video Lessons)
Understand date serial numbers
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Online Video Course: Microsoft Excel 2013 Essential Skills
Session: Session 4: Making Your Worksheets Look Professional
Lesson: Lesson 4-2 Understand date serial numbers Excel date serial numbers explained. Thumbnail from Excel Basic Skills Lesson 4-2 Understand date serial numbers.

Excel Date serial numbers are fully explained in this video lesson. You'll be amazed to find that (in Excel) every date is a time and every time is also a date. You'll learn how to format a date to show a date, a time, or both a date and a time. Understanding Excel date serial numbers are the key to using date arithmetic in Microsoft Excel. You'll use date arithmetic in a simple formula that will return the total number of days in the last century. The lesson discusses how Excel is unable to represent dates before 1900 and in this (and in subsequent lessons) you'll learn how to work around this limitation.

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