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How Multi-User Licenses Work

When you buy a multi-user license you'll have access to an admin page, allowing you to create any number of single-user accounts. You can create a user account in a few seconds and each user is then automatically e-mailed with a user name and password so that they can log in instantly.
You can then enable each user with access to one or more courses by adding one of your multi-user licenses to the user/course. You can freely move licenses from user to user or from course to course.
When you click the "Buy Now"” button below your admin access will be immediately created and you'll receive an e-mail with a password to access your admin account. You can then create as many users as you need and allocate a license to each user/course you want to enable.
If you already have a single-user account
If you already have a single-user account (and enter the same e-mail address below that you currently use to log in) your existing single-user account will be added to your multi-user account as one of the user accounts you control. You’ll keep all of your view history and will be granted one or more bonus multi-user licenses to replace your existing single-user subscription.
Licenses cost US$9.99 each and expire after one year.
Any Questions? Just click here and ask.
Your e-mail address
Number of Licenses (Minimum 10)
(You can easily add more licenses later if you find this is not enough).
I have read and accept the Multi-user license terms and conditions
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