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Learn Excel 2013 Basic Skills With The Smart Method

Free Excel 2013 Tutorial

Used to learn Excel by students from:
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For over fifteen years, Smart Method® classroom courses have been used by large corporations, government departments and the armed forces to train their employees.
This Excel 2013 tutorial is provided completely free of charge so that you can use the same materials to learn (or teach) Excel 2013. Our tutorials are used by schools, colleges and universities all over the world.
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Free Excel Tutorial 100+ page book.
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What you will learn:
Session 1: Basic Skills
Lesson 1-1: Start Excel and open a new blank workbook
Lesson 1-2: Check whether your Excel version is up to date
Lesson 1-3: Change the Theme in Office
Lesson 1-4: Maximize, minimize, re-size, move and close the Excel window
Lesson 1-5: Download the sample files and open or navigate a workbook
Lesson 1-6: Save a workbook to a local file
Lesson 1-7: Understand common file formats
Lesson 1-8: Pin a workbook and understand file organization
Lesson 1-9: View, move, add, rename, delete and navigate worksheet tabs
Lesson 1-10: Use the Versions feature to recover an unsaved Draft file
Lesson 1-11: Use the Versions feature to recover an earlier version of a workbook
Lesson 1-12: Use the Ribbon
Lesson 1-13: Understand Ribbon components
Lesson 1-14: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and preview the printout
Lesson 1-15: Use the Mini Toolbar, Key Tips and keyboard shortcuts
Lesson 1-16: Understand views
Lesson 1-17: Hide and Show the Formula Bar and Ribbon
Lesson 1-18: Use the help system
Session 2: Doing Useful Work with Excel
Lesson 2-1: Enter text and numbers into a worksheet
Lesson 2-2: Create a new workbook and view two workbooks at the same time
Lesson 2-3: Use AutoSum to quickly calculate totals
Lesson 2-4: Select a range of cells and understand Smart Tags
Lesson 2-5: Enter data into a range and copy data across a range
Lesson 2-6: Select adjacent and non-adjacent rows and columns
Lesson 2-7: Select non-contiguous cell ranges and view summary information
Lesson 2-8: AutoSelect a range of cells
Lesson 2-9: Re-size rows and columns
Lesson 2-10: Use AutoSum to sum a non-contiguous range
Lesson 2-11: Calculate an Average value in Excel using AutoSum
Lesson 2-12: Create your own Excel formulas
Lesson 2-13: Create Excel functions using Formula AutoComplete
Lesson 2-14: Use AutoFill for text and numeric series
Lesson 2-15: Use AutoFill to adjust cell references in Excel formulas
Lesson 2-16: Use AutoFill options
Lesson 2-17: Speed up your AutoFills and create a custom fill series
Lesson 2-18: Use automatic Flash Fill to split delimited text
Lesson 2-19: Use manual Flash Fill to split text
Lesson 2-20: Use multiple example Flash Fill to concatenate text
Lesson 2-21: Use Flash Fill to solve common problems
Lesson 2-22: Use the zoom control
Lesson 2-23: Print out a worksheet
You've now completed the Basic Skills course. Perhaps this is all you need, but if you want to progress your Excel education we have two more courses you may wish to consider.

Basic Skills Cover
The free Basic Skills course will get you started with Excel fundamentals. Even though it is a basic skills course you'll still master many skills that professional Excel users are unable to use. Available entirely free as an online video course.
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Essential Skills Cover
This course adds another six sessions to build upon the two that you have completed (in the Basic Skills course).
If you need Excel skills to get a job - but you've never used Excel before, this course will give you all the skills an employer would expect. By the end of the Essential Skills course your Excel skills will be better than most office workers (even those with many years of Excel experience).
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Expert Skills Cover
After the Essential Skills course you'll be really, really good with Excel. If you want to join the tiny elite of power-users who can do absolutely everything with Excel you can take this course and become a true Excel guru. This is a true Expert-level course. By the end of this course your Excel skills will be greater and broader than almost all other Excel users in the workplace.