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Learn Excel 2010 Essential Skills With The Smart Method

Session 3: Taking Your Skills To The Next Level (Excel 2010)

Session 3 Introduction 0m 45s
Lesson 3-1: Insert and delete rows and columns 5m 42s
Lesson 3-2: Use AutoComplete and fill data from adjacent cells 4m 38s
Lesson 3-3: Cut, copy and paste 4m 31s
Lesson 3-4: Cut, copy and paste using drag and drop 7m 16s
Lesson 3-5: Use Paste Values and increase decrease decimal places displayed 7m 13s
Lesson 3-6: Transpose a range 3m 13s
Lesson 3-7: Use the Multiple Item Clipboard 5m 11s
Lesson 3-8: Use Undo and Redo 5m 16s
Lesson 3-9: Insert cell comments 6m 4s
Lesson 3-10: View cell comments 2m 50s
Lesson 3-11: Print cell comments 4m 23s
Lesson 3-12: Understand absolute and relative cell references 8m 31s
Lesson 3-13: Understand mixed cell references 9m 51s
Lesson 3-14: Create a template 4m 17s
Lesson 3-15: Use a template 5m 54s
Lesson 3-16: Freeze columns and rows 4m 38s
Lesson 3-17: Split the window into multiple panes 5m 20s
Lesson 3-18: Check spelling 7m 31s

Session 3 Exercise
Session 3 Exercise Answers
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