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Download Excel 2010 Essential Skills Sample Files

Learn Excel 2007 Essential Skills with The Smart Method
Download AllSessions.exe (1.7Mb)
This is the best choice as the .EXE file is digitally signed.
This means that (after you install) the files will open normally without Excel security warnings.
Download AllSessions.zip (1.6Mb)
Download this only if you have any difficulty downloading the .exe file.
Excel 2010's new "protected view" feature demands that you click an "Enable Editing" button on opening when you download in .zip file format.
This course is available in three formats:
Paper printed book.
This is usually the format of choice for schools, colleges and universities.
Kindle e-Textbook
Available in the new print replica format. This full-color format preserves the rich graphical layout of the printed book Buy...
Online video course
Mike Smart walks you through every video lesson with narration and subtitles.