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Essential Skills
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Expert Skills
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If you need five or more paper books or e-book/video packages you can purchase directly from the publisher at wholesale price.
When you buy an Excel 2016 e-book you'll also receive all of this:
All future updates to the Excel 2016 e-book.
We usually update the Excel 2016 e-books at least once every six months (to match the latest Excel 2016 semi-annual major update). This means that your Excel 2016 e-book will remain up-to-date.
Access to the cloud version of the e-book.
This enables you to view and search the e-book content online, on any device (without needing access to the e-book file you download).
Download all of the older Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007 e-books.
If you are still using an older Excel version you'll be able to learn using one of our older e-books. You'll also be able to use our Excel 2016 for Apple Mac title.
Online access to all of the video material published on the ExcelCentral.com website
This includes all of our Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 video courses and any video material we may publish in the future for Excel 2016.
Buy both Essential Skills and Expert Skills
e-Book/Video Package together and save:
Price bought separately: $44.98
Bundle Price: $39.99
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