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Learn Excel 2007 Essential Skills With The Smart Method

Session 7: Printing Your Work (Excel 2007)

Session 7 Introduction 0m 37s
Lesson 7-1: Print Preview and change paper orientation 4m 37s
Lesson 7-2: Use page layout view to adjust margins 4m 54s
Lesson 7-3: Use Page Setup to set margins more precisely and center the worksheet 3m 15s
Lesson 7-4: Set paper size and scale 3m 40s
Lesson 7-5: Insert, delete and preview page breaks 4m 20s
Lesson 7-6: Adjust page breaks using Page Break Preview 5m 17s
Lesson 7-7: Add auto-headers and auto-footers and set the starting page number 4m 14s
Lesson 7-8: Add custom headers and footers 6m 27s
Lesson 7-9: Specify different headers and footers for the first, odd and even pages 4m 7s
Lesson 7-10: Print only part of a worksheet 4m 20s
Lesson 7-11: Add row and column data labels and grid lines to printed output 3m 18s
Lesson 7-12: Print several selected worksheets and change the page order 4m 14s
Lesson 7-13: Suppress error messages in printouts 2m 14s

Session 7 Exercise
Session 7 Exercise Answers
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