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Learn Excel 2007 Essential Skills With The Smart Method

Session 4: Making Your Worksheets Look Professional (Excel 2007)

Session 4 Introduction 0m 30s
Lesson 4-1: Format dates 4m 2s
Lesson 4-2: Understand and use date serial numbers 5m 37s
Lesson 4-3: Format numbers using built-in number formats 9m 28s
Lesson 4-4: Create custom number formats 8m 20s
Lesson 4-5: Horizontally Align the contents of cells 6m 44s
Lesson 4-6: Merge cells, wrap text and expand collapse the formula bar 4m 27s
Lesson 4-7: Vertically align the contents of cells 4m 41s
Lesson 4-8: Understand themes 4m 37s
Lesson 4-9: Use cell styles and change themes Effects 5m 22s
Lesson 4-10: Add color and gradient effects to cells 4m 3s
Lesson 4-11: Add borders and lines 6m 20s
Lesson 4-12: Create your own custom theme 5m 27s
Lesson 4-13: Create your own custom cell styles 5m 9s
Lesson 4-14: Use a master style book to merge styles 5m 16s
Lesson 4-15: Use simple Conditional Formatting 7m 10s
Lesson 4-16: Manage multiple conditional formats using the Rules Manager 5m 36s
Lesson 4-17: Bring data alive with visualizations 6m 30s
Lesson 4-18: Create a formula driven conditional format 4m 48s
Lesson 4-19: Use the Format Painter 4m 43s
Lesson 4-20: Rotate text 4m 44s

Session 4 Exercise
Session 4 Exercise Answers
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